Make your payment processes easy

Simplify your payment processes by easily administering commissions, organise payments to advisers and the company, and set up business partner rates.

360 Accounts is designed to simplify your payment processes. With its help, you can easily administer commissions, organise payments to advisers and the company, and set up business partner rates. The system allows you to view the entire commission process, from the initial entry in the FactFind to the final payment to the corresponding adviser or introducer/business partner.

The system offers flexibility when it comes to setting up pay schemes, so you can match rates for employees, introducers and business partners. In addition, you can view all commissions that have been paid or that are due in the form of pay statements. To give your advisers greater control over their commissions, you can allow them access to review the commission as it is marked off on the statement and control exactly what they have access to view.

With 360 Accounts, you can also set up bonus structures, regular adjustments and comprehensive payment rules to ensure the system calculates payments accurately and in line with your business processes. Say goodbye to manual payment processing and enjoy streamlined, efficient accounting.

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