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The ultimate tool for efficient client management, source mortgages, protection and GI via 360 Lifecycle’s integrations with leading providers.


Accounts is designed to simplify your payment processes. With its help, you can easily administer commissions, organise payments to advisers and the company, and set up business partner rates. The system allows you to view the entire commission process, from the initial entry in the FactFind to the final payment to the corresponding adviser or introducer/business partner.

If you would like to learn more about the 360 Accounts module, please contact your Account Manager or call our Support Team.

Frequently asked questions

If you experience issues downloading the applications, please check below:

360 Advisor and Office are Windows applications and are not compatible with other operating systems.

360 Advisor and Office work on a real time basis, as a security feature to protect from replay attacks. As such, please ensure your date and time is correct.

Visit the ‘Windows Update Settings’ page on your PC to check. If these are not up to date, please run the required updates and retry once they have been completed.

To find this out, temporarily disable your antivirus (if possible) and reattempt the download.

This is the minimum version number required for the 360 applications to run successfully.

Need further help?

If you have checked the above and are still unable to download the applications, or you need some assistance running through the steps, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team on 0116 2408621 or

Important notice

Please download 360 Lifecycle on your desktop. If you need further information about this please contact us.